Crazy Days Man!

Well here it comes…Election Season…The lies, the deceit, the half truths and the millions and millions spent  on TV, Radio and Newspaper ad’s. Are you ready? Some crazy shit going on in the the world today. Teachers having sex with students, foie gras ban in California, Chuck Norris blasting the President on his Boy Scout stance.. Technology to track hotel linen…and lots, lots more….Talk to us about it on tonight at 7PM PST. Call us at 888.674.1627…Hope to hear from you!

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Time to Put Resources Back Into The US

Hey there! It’s Friday and tonight we will be speaking about something that I think we need to demand from our elected officials. Giving some “foreign aid” to the US and her people!

Fact: Since 2001 we have spent over 1.5Trillion dollars on war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fact: Oil prices and gasoline prices have continued to climb even though we have bailed out these countries over the years, including Kuwait with money, equipment, and American lives!

Fact: There are currently 12.7Million American out of work.

Fact: New jobs are getting harder to find with no new education or training.

Fact: Welfare and Disability costs are growing to record numbers.

I say we stop shipping billions of dollars overseas, and reinvest in our own people. Not put them on the dole, but retrain them and get them where they can go back into the workforce and be productive.

Limit welfare to 4 years. After that, best of luck to you. While on welfare, need to be in classes to get retrained or trained to re-enter the workforce.

Disallow Disability for “Stress” and “Stress Related” issues. Sorry, stress is a part of life folks!

Here’s a fact to think about….with what we spend on war, we could afford to give ALL 12.7 Million unemployed people 45K for 2 entire years while the get themselves back on track!

What do you think?

888 674-1627 Call me tonight and lets talk about this….Mike 

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

Hey there listener’s! Just a quick initial post about the folks that we have, or have NOT been speaking to! Are you all afraid to call? State an opinion? For those of you who have I thank you greatly! For those that haven’t what the hell is wrong with you? Not brave enough to tell people what you think? Don’t care? That’s the damn problem with this country right now, everyone is hiding under the couch waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Well stop hiding!! Make your feelings known every night beginning at 7Pm PST and call us at 888.674.1627…Are you brave enough punks! Go ahead, make my day!

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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